Whether you are an independent House Church or affiliated with a specific Church Organization, you can use to list your house church and be found!  Our goal is not to create a “replacement” for the institutional 501(c)3 churches, but to encourage small group discipleship and relationship.  Every brick and mortar church should have a contingency plan to keep their people together and “equipping the Saints for the work of ministry” should be a priority!



The user of the website will create their own profile, where they share information about themselves, provide links to social media, create a photo gallery, etc.  They will need to provide their address, because the search will present the house churches closest to their residence.  However, the address of the User and the address of the house church will not be shown publicly.  The addresses are only needed to calculate distance.


The user will then begin their search. If logged in, the results will immediately show ALL available house churches. However, there will be filters where the user can drill down to exactly what they are looking for. They can filter by independent house churches, by denomination, and even by specific church organization.


Once the user has found house churches they are interested in attending, they can contact them immediately right on the website or save them to their “favorites”. A Favorite will be saved to their private profile management page, so they can easily find them later. When the user gets ready to communicate with a house church, they will fill out a form that provides their contact information.


The house church overseer will receive a notice when someone contacts them through the website. The notice will provide a link to the User’s profile so they can find out a little more about them before they call. The overseer will be responsible to reach out by phone and have a conversation. If it appears that it is a good match for both parties, then the house church overseer will respond with an “Invite”.


The User will accept the invite and their name will go onto the “Friends Roster” on the overseer’s house church management page, so they can keep track of how many will be in attendance, send reminders, etc.


Keeping our members together and in relationship is a key objective to any church establishment. Before every church was shut down in the world, it never crossed anyone’s mind that we would have to find alternative ways to meet. This is no longer the case, and there has never been a better time in history to recreate the model used in the book of Acts. Pastors/churches will take on a more “Apostolic” approach to keep their members together and “equipping them for the work of ministry” has taken on a whole new perspective. See our vision for Evangelism!
To make it easy on established larger churches to keep their members connected, we are providing a FREE special landing page that will send their members directly to THEIR organization of house churches. Their members will still need to create a User profile and follow the process, but the search will only show the house churches in their network of house churches.