When Paul was in Corinth, he knew that the Gospel would be hindered if it looked like he prospered in any way by sharing the Gospel.  The Corinthian people were intelligent, eloquent in speech, and were not likely to be conned out of their money.  For this reason, Paul chose to never take a dime from anyone in Corinth.  He worked a full-time job and shared the Gospel.

The mindset in America is not that different than Corinth.  It has become obvious that some people sharing the Gospel, are being more than compensated for their efforts.  For some it appears as gross opulence built from teachings that take advantage of people looking for hope in their finances.  For some, they are elevated to superstar status and have an entourage of servants to put them higher on their thrones.  Kingdoms have been built and it is clear to many that there could be “ulterior motives” to working in the ministry.

While we do not believe this to be the case for most ministers, we are talking about a perception that we can clearly hear from people around us.  Have you ever heard “All they care about is getting my money?”  Who hasn’t??

The officers with The Central Storehouse, Inc. are all bi-vocational and receive NO COMPENSATION for the work or benefit financially from any of the organizations our Outreach supports.  The building and operation of the websites are mostly paid for out of our pockets.  Eventually, the cost to run the sites and website related expenses could be paid through outside donations, but if we never receive any help at all, we will continue to offer these website tools and our time for FREE.  Any giving beyond these expenses will be given to the outreaches outlined in our vision.

We also do not disclose any names (unless asked directly), not because we have anything to hide, but because we are not doing it to build a name for ourselves.  We also want people to see that THEY are the ones who will be doing the work in their area of influence and can think on their own how they use the tools we provide.

We believe this next big move of God will not have any superstars that history can point to as the “leader” of this Revival.  It will be a BODY move and spread quickly by those with no reputation.  The NameLESS (nobody recognizes their name) and FaceLESS (nobody recognizes their face) will begin to come out of everywhere to grow the Body of Christ in their neighborhoods, towns, cities, regions, and beyond.

Your Brother In Christ….LES S. MOORE