Are you a Prayer Warrior?  Then you understand the power of “Agreement”! is a website we will be creating to connect intercessors from all walks of life and passions.  Imagine finding all the intercessors in your area that are gifted in prophecy, deliverance, healing, etc. and coordinating a city-wide prayer meeting!

This website will remove the walls and help build relationships outside the walls of a single church organization and help build bonds between churches.  Imagine working with many churches to come into agreement for your city, region, state, or even country!

Those that want to create prayer events can collaborate with other intercessors and offer the event to the public.  Need prayer?  Need healing? Need Deliverance?

We are hoping to create the largest database of Intercessors in the world and be able to call on our Prayer Warriors to come in agreement across the nation for specific national issues.  Really the sky is the limit when we can all come into agreement.

If you are an Intercessor in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, please click on the button below!