There are many Christians in the world that own property of all sizes that would be willing to share their property to host Christian events.  It could be a barn, open acreage, empty parking lot, really anything outside the walls of a brick and mortar church.  These property owners, willing to share their property, we call PLACE GIVERS! will be a website where “Place Givers” can make their space available for Christian events.  They will be able to describe the “place” and schedule specific days and times that they will make it available for gatherings.  Our vision is that worshippers and intercessors will interact to create FREE evangelistic events in their area, using these PLACES.

Once all 5 websites are created, they will be interconnected.  Nothing can stop the church from growing publicly and house to house.  They may be able to shut down our buildings, but they can’t shut down the CHURCH!

If you own a PLACE that you would consider opening up for gatherings, please fill out the short form below!