Imagine a website where every Christian musician or singer could connect!  Search your area for skilled musicians by searching the specific instrument.  For example, if you needed a guitarist for an upcoming event or you are trying to create a worship band, you would simply search “Guitar”, and all the guitarists in a ____ mile radius would be found.  If you were searching “soprano”, you would find all singers who listed this as their singing range.

The User will create a profile, using their address, because when a search is conducted it will present the musicians/singers by who is closest to the searcher’s address.  The address is not shown publicly, but it is needed to present results from nearest to farthest.  Each profile will have the ability to describe their experience, upload audio or video examples of their skill level and style, and provide links to their social media or websites.

We are hoping that worshippers will form bonds outside of their churches and work together to create amazing collaborative worship events.

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